Blipfoto API

Breaking changes - legacy APIs will be disabled 6th January, 2014

Please note - the v1 and v2 APIs will be permanently disabled on Monday the 6th of January, 2014. If your app uses these APIs, you should migrate to v3 before this date to ensure your app continues to function correctly.

Migrating your app to v3 will require some fundamental changes, including updating resource URLs and handling the new authentication flow. You can read more about migration at the new developer site:

For further help with the v3 API, ask a question on the API forum or get in touch.

API Guidelines

When building an application, or otherwise obtaining and displaying content with the Blipfoto API, you should adhere to the following guidelines. These guidelines will help you create a usable, responsive application with your own style that correctly attributes authors' content.


  • Thumbnail images should always be displayed with a link to the full version of the image or journal entry.
  • All images should attribute the author appropriately, typically with the author's username and / or a link to their journal.
  • Descriptive text should, where possible, be displayed in full. Truncated versions of the text should include a link to the full text.


  • You should include a link to the Blipfoto homepage, in an 'About' page or similar area within your application.
  • You must not reproduce (or display variations of) the Blipfoto branding & logos. It should be clear to your users that the application is not an official Blipfoto application.


  • Try to limit the number of requests you make. There are several opportunities to do this, including timestamp synching & date validation.
  • Cache responses that are unlikely to change over a small timeframe. This might include journal entries, profile information or search results.
  • Reduce the perceived time taken to publish entries by taking advantage of the 2-stage upload process. While their image is uploading, users can enter the entry title, description & tags.


  • Be sure to provide a link to your application's support website, or an email address where users can contact you. Sell yourself!